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The configuration of YateAdmin is actually depeding on 3 systems. The Webserver, the Database server and the Yate server.

Since every component can be located on a different server you have to consider every of them:

Setup the webserver interface component of YateAdmin by editing the "config.php" file and fill the database parameters.

Configuring Yate to use the right database YateAdmin by copying the provided register.conf from the YateAdmin package to Yate. Also you have to configure pgsqldb.conf with the same parameters you have been use for config.php.

The database server Yate uses is PostgreSQL. Don't forget also to install the plpgsql language. To setup the database YateAdmin you have to use the provided sql script "yateadmin.sql". You can do that by using "createdb yateadmin; createlang plpgsql; psql -f yateadmin.sql".