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In using YateAdmin there are three components involved:

  • The Yate telephony server program.
  • The Web server that provides the interface.
  • The database server that stores all information.
In a small configuration all these components are installed on the same machine. It is however possible to use different computers to improve performance. In this case you should perform the installation described below both on the Yate server and on the Web server. The database can be initialized remotely during either of these installs.

  1. Log on to your system or start a terminal console
  2. Download: wget
  3. Use tar to unpack the package: tar xvfz yateadmin-1.tar.gz
  4. Go to yateadmin new created directory: cd yateadmin
  5. Run ./
  6. Answer the questions of the interactive installer.

The installer will attempt to offer default values for some directories and parameters. You can hit ENTER to accept the defaults, you can enter a new value or you can enter the word no to disable that component.

In the typicall install case with Yate, YateAdmin and the PostgreSQL database server running on the same machine you will just need to keep pressing ENTER.

First you will need to specify the location of Yate's configuration files directory. The installer needs it to write there two configuration files that control the behaviour of Yate. Please make sure you specify the same directory as Yate will use - especially if you run it from a script.

If Yate will not run on this machine you should answer here with no or leave blank if the default is empty.

Install Yate config file in: [/etc/yate]

Then you will need to specify where the Web page files are to be installed. This should be a new directory inside the DocumentRoot of your Web server. The URL of the YateAdmin page depends on the directory you provide here but you can move all files later if you need to.

If the YateAdmin Web interface will not run from this machine you should answer here with no.

Install Web pages in: [/var/www/html/yateadmin]

For all install types you will need to give access information for the PostgreSQL database you will be using. These values are written to Yate's configuraton files, to the Web interface configuration file and are also used by the installer to create the initial database in the server.

Note that you will need to specify the host as it will be accessible from the machine you are installing to. If the database server is not on the local machine you have to specify an IP address or DNS host name.

Database host: [localhost]
Database name: [yateadmin]
Database user: [postgres]
Database password: []

Finally, if you want to initialize the database with the initial structure you should provide the name of the PostgreSQL client program.

You should answer no here if you don't want to initialize the database. Even if you have an YateAdmin installation distributed on 3 machines you need to initialize the database only once.

PostgreSQL command: [/usr/bin/psql]

The install script will now show the parameters you have selected and prompt before going on with the actual installation. If everything is right press the ENTER key else type no to abort.

Install options
    Config file in '/etc/yate'
    Web pages in   '/var/www/html/yateadmin'
        Host     'localhost'
        Name     'yateadmin'
        User     'postgres'
        Password ''
    PosgreSQL tool '/usr/bin/psql'
Proceed with installation?: [yes]

NOTE!!! If your database needs a password the script cannot pass it to the PostgreSQL client. You will need to type it at console when you are prompted for it - this will happen twice during the database initialization